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RBA-Online is an online sustainability data management system designed to help companies manage and share sustainability data.

RBA-Online is an online sustainability data management system designed to help RBA members and their suppliers manage and share sustainability data, including from independent, third-party audits and self-assessment questionnaires that assess risk at the corporate, facility and supplier levels. The RBA-Online platform is available in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

RBA-Online tools include:

  • VAP – Protocol: English Only, Code Guidance Text also available in: Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Spanish
  • Self-assessment Questionnaire – Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish
  • Supplemental Surveys, including Environmental Survey and Indirect SAQs – English Only

Key functions of RBA Online include:

  • Online completion of the RBA self-assessment questionnaire, including online analysis by a company's customers (as authorized by the supplier).
  • Entry of data from the RBA Validated Assessment Program (VAP).
  • Effective corrective action management and non-compliances verification process.
  • Entry and sharing of environmental reporting data for measuring and reporting on carbon, water and waste.
  • Development of customizable online and exportable reporting based on standard reporting templates.
  • Company self-registration and maintenance, including supply chain trading relationship specification.
  • Secure sharing of common supplier social responsibility data with customers. 

RBA-Online General Resources User Guides

Self-Assessment Questionnaire user guide (requires RBA-Online account to access, please view Training Documents under Help and Support section)
Adding a facility user guide (requires RBA-Online account to access, please view Training Documents under Help and Support section)

Frequently Asked Questions

Self-Assessment Questionnaire FAQ
RBA-Online Environmental Survey Guide

SAQ Samples

Please see our assessment page for SAQ samples. Please note these are samples only and companies are strongly encouraged to complete the SAQ online through RBA-Online.

Additional resources and points of contact for assistance

Completing Self-Assessment Questionnaires

Using RBA-Online, member companies can create a corporate record and multiple facility records, and associate a Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) with each record. 

For additional guidance on using SAQs, please see our FAQ.

Corporate SAQ

  • The corporate SAQ covers the entire company and only needs to be completed once.
  • Access to the corporate SAQ is providedby payment for any level of RBA-Online subscription.

Facility SAQ

  • Is site specific and should be completed separately for each facility in RBA-Online.
  • Suppliers will need to create facility records before starting the facility questionnaire.
  • Covers both manufacturing and service locations.
  • Depending on how the user fills out the initial questions, the other sections of the questionnaire will populate with the appropriate questions.

RBA-Online for RBA Members

RBA members benefit from unlimited user licenses for RBA-Online. RBA members that need access to RBA-Online may contact us.

RBA-Online for Suppliers to RBA Members

Suppliers to RBA members often receive multiple requests from customers. RBA-Online is a tool designed to streamline data collection and to reduce redundant risk assessment requests, while protecting the confidentiality of supplier data. 

Suppliers that complete the SAQ in the online tool can share their SAQ results with any customer that is an RBA member. Suppliers can also schedule and track VAP audits and share audit reports with multiple customers. Suppliers can access RBA Online for a fee of $250 per facility per year. Registration must be renewed annually.

Please note that using RBA-Online does not make a supplier an RBA member. For information about RBA membership please see our membership page.

Registering in RBA-Online as a supplier to an RBA member


  1. Visit RBA-Online to begin the process.
  2. When registering, specify the number of facilities for which you plan to fill out Self-Assessment Questionnaires. These may be either manufacturing locations or service sites. Additional facilities may be added later as needed. The number of facilities does not need to include an additional site for the Corporate SAQ. That form will be added automatically to your account once you complete the registration process.
  3. After registering, you will receive an email with your username and password, and a link to sign into RBA-Online. The person who sets up the account will be identified as the company administrator. The company administrator can be changed later if desired.
  4. Technical questions about RBA-Online should be emailed to helpdesk@responsiblebusiness.org.
  5. There is a fee of $250 per facility per year to use RBA-Online, and you will need to submit payment to activate your account. Registration must be renewed annually to remain active in the system. After payment has been received, you will be able to fill out the SAQ and to share the results with your customers.
    View our user guide for complete information about registration and payment processing. Suppliers may also participate in a regular onboarding webinars, or view recordings of past webinars.

    For payment questions, please write to the RBA-Online helpdesk
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