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RBA Asessment Cooperation Program

The Assessment Cooperation Program (ACP) allows RBA members to nominate their suppliers for a VAP assessment. Suppliers nominated by members will be approached by RBA staff to conduct a VAP. The results of the assessment will be shared with all of the members that nominated the supplier and were approved by the supplier.

A unique differentiator of the ACP is the custom-question feature of the program. Members can add custom questions to the standard VAP question set. During the nomination process, the member will provide the question for the assessor to ask and the guidance to determine conformance.

Through the ACP, a supplier can reduce the number of assessments needed by completing a single VAP assessment, which covers all lines of business, and sharing the results with multiple customers. Each member that nominates the supplier commits to accepting the VAP and the VAP supplement of custom questions with no further assessment requirements (except those required by the VAP process) through the valid period of the assessment.

RBA members can log into RBA-Online to access the ACP nomination process.

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